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study precision mold of the technical data
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precision mold of the technical data

moulding parts            technical requirement                     standard data            

template                     thickness ,parallelism                    no less than 300:0.02
datum plane                   verticality                                   no les than 100:0.02
total height after fiting template      parallelism                no less than 100:0.02
hole of guide pillar                hole tolerance                       h7
hole of guide pillar             true position                      no less than /-0.02
verticality                                                                          no less than 100:0.02
slug hole                          hole tolerance                                h7
clearance between blades (thickness less than 0.5mm)         0.005-0.02 
template hardnes             quenching /backfire                    more than hrc60
diameter                                    fine grinding                        k6,k7,m6
glide part's diamter                   fine grinding                        f7,e7


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